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Insamling till skolbygget i Kasenge

                  Just nu hÃ¥ller vi pÃ¥ med försäljning av handgjorda julkort. Korten är gjorda av arbetslösa afrikanska kvinnor i Sverige. Pengarna gÃ¥r oavkortat till byggandet av en skola för barn med dödsdömda föräldrar i Uganda.  

University of Cambridge: Parental imprisonment

Joseph Murray & David P. Farrington: Parental imprisonment: Long lasting effects on boy´s internalizing problems through the life course. Parental imprisonment: Long-lasting effects on boys’ internalizing problems through the life course JOSEPH MURRAY AND DAVID P. FARRINGTON University of Cambridge Abstract Qualitative studies suggest that children react to parental imprisonment by developing internalizing as well as externalizing behaviors. However, no previous study has examined the effects of parental imprisonment on children’s internalizing problems using standardized instruments, appropriate comparison groups, and long-term follow-up. Using prospective longitudinal data from the Cambridge Study…

Helen F. Kearney: Children of parents sentenced to death

Helen F. Kearney: Children of parents sentenced to death Foreword They’re going to kill him because he killed somebody, so when they kill him, who do we get to kill? A ten year old’s question, learning of her father’s execution in the USA.1 The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child devoted its 2011 Day of General Discussion to ‘Children of Incarcerated Parents’. These children have committed no crime. Yet – as hundreds of participants who work with these children around the world came to testify – they are…